Friday, April 18, 2014

5 Things Friday

1.  It's been about 10 days since I last blogged.  I know you were all keeping track.  The blog silence was necessary.  Last Wednesday was a hard day and every time I sat down to blog it came out like "life sucks" and "woe is me".  A little pity party might have been deserved at that point, but it was turning a little dramatic.   In the scheme of life, last Wednesday was no where near the worst day I have ever had.  It wasn't even the worst day I have had in the last year or six months.  It was just a bad day.  Life has moved on and things are better.

2.  All of this house hunting business has caused me to look around at all of the stuff we have and I have come to one realization... I want to get rid of like half of it.  We have a bunch of CRAP.  Call it spring cleaning.  Perhaps my nesting bug has finally kicked in (like a year too late).  It's almost so much that I don't know where to start.  I hate that feeling.

3.  I'm having a fairly hard time with clothing lately.  It makes sense since in the past year I have gone from being REALLY pregnant to smaller than I have been in probably 5 years (maybe even longer actually).  I was trying to organize my maternity clothes and it is almost like I have three stages of clothes... pre-pregnancy, maternity and then early pregnancy/postnatal.  The maternity clothes are packed, but I am still in the process of figuring out what of my remaining clothes fits.  You know what is really professional?  Wearing clothes that don't fit properly.

4.  Henry has decided he doesn't want to take naps at daycare.  He will take one nap that is usually between an hour and ten minutes and 2 hours.  Judging by his behavior in the evening, that's not enough.  At least twice this week, he has fallen asleep nursing before 8.  He does try to make up for the lack of naps on the weekends though.  The 3 hour nap I am anticipating for tomorrow should help me get a head start on my spring cleaning.

5.  Speaking of daycare, here's how they put Henry's diaper on the other day:

I'm pretty confused how someone thought this was how it went on.  I mean, it didn't leak so technically it worked.  Just a little different.  Like wearing your underwear sideways.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I wore new pants

It is only Wednesday and already I feel like I have had a week and a half.

It hasn't necessarily been bad, just... entertaining?

House hunting stuff is still going on.  I don't want to get into at the moment (partially because the process is giving me PTSD), but I still find it shocking how emotionally taxing the process is.  I mean, we've been through a lot.  In comparison, this should be nothing.

Moving on... (get it?!  A little humor for you)

In other funny news, I wore some different pants to work yesterday.  You know your life is getting exciting when different pants makes the week's highlights.  These weren't just any pants.  A couple of months ago, I decided to take the plunge and finally purchase some "liquid leggings".  In case you are curious, they look like THIS.

I was going to take a picture of me wearing them, but you couldn't really see the shiny-ness that well which kind of defeated the purpose.

Yesterday, I finally mustered up the courage to wear them and it did NOT go unnoticed.  Pretty much everyone I came across that day made a comment about my pants.  One of my coworkers wanted to touch them.  My dad asked me if I was joining a motorcycle gang.

But the BEST comment came when I picked Henry up from daycare.  I walked over to Henry and squatted down to talk to him when a little boy (a little under 2 years old) came up to me and said, "WOOOW!!!" as he reached out and touched my knee.

And then he did it again.  It was cute.  I think he approved.

Then I came home and make chicken pot pie from scratch (kind-of).  I used THIS recipe and followed some of the suggestions.  It was SO GOOD!!!  Definitely a keeper.

Henry has been so tired in the evenings, it has been a challenge to get him to bed before he freaks out.  So last night, he was fed, bathed, nursed and asleep before we even ate dinner.  Here's what Henry's tired face looks like:

But add in a lot of eye rubbing.

New pants, Chicken Pot Pie, and a tired baby... what in the world will today hold?  :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Roller Coaster

This past week and weekend have been down right exhausting.

And it really doesn't seem like they should be.

It's this house-hunting stuff.  It's a gosh-darn emotional roller coaster.

And the thing is... it really shouldn't be.  Not only because I feel like these things should be cut and dry (maybe it's because I'm an engineer and we specialize in land development, so value is value is value and that should be the end of the story.  I don't like the real estate mind games), but because I realize in the grand scheme of things, these really aren't problems.

After everything we have been through in the past few years, house hunting should be the least stressful thing.

We aren't waiting for test results.  No puppies are dying.  We have a baby.  We are healthy.  We don't have any terminally ill parents.

See where we set the bar?  Real high up in here.

Perspective is really good to have in a lot of ways.  But sometimes, all the stuff we have been through kind of throws off my judgement a little.

I have struggled with anxiety for so long that I no longer know what a healthy level of worry is.

Maybe it is because grief makes you so up and down but it almost seems like all of the challenges we have faced only exaggerate when things don't go our way.  Little, understandable things become EXTREMELY disappointing.  I find myself battling between feeling like the sky is falling and wanting to slap myself because it's not like I am battling cancer here, everything will be ok.

Here's what the rational side of me knows:
-  Buying a house is most likely the biggest purchase Phil and I will ever make.
-  I know enough about the housing market to know that I don't want to make a bad decision.
-  It's the beginning of the real estate season, so there will be more homes available.
-  There will be more homes.
-  It's ok to get a little emotionally attached to a house.  After all, if we are putting an offer on something, that means we can see our family living there.
-  And it is also ok to be disappointed a little if the house doesn't work out.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons they don't recommend making major life decisions within 6 months of losing a loved one.

Friday, April 4, 2014

All for Show

Cotton's show was Saturday.  That meant a little Friday night beauty ritual after Henry went to sleep.

After we washed Cotton with whitening/brightening shampoo (yes, they make that), I blow dried Cotton, making sure to straighten out his leg feathers as much as possible.  He was a very good boy, actually sitting down on the floor willingly next to me while I blow dried his ears.  Then, we cut off his whiskers and used the drimmel to round off his nails.

He was beautiful and ready to go!

{He's so ridiculously good looking}

We also spent Friday night purchasing a cart to roll Cotton and his crate into the dog show.

{I think Taylor was in the background laughing at him}

I seriously can't believe we did that.  But the idea of wrangling Cotton, his crate and Henry on a rainy day around a bunch of other dogs drove us to spend a gift certificate and $20 on a cart.  In case you are wondering, it was amazing and worth every. single. penny.

It was his first show in over a year.  And there were at least 30 other dogs there.  Between everything that has happened in the last year, Cotton's show training has been VERY lax.  Understandably, it has been one of the furthest things on our mind.  We worked on it when we could.

Our tiny attempts at training left us with very low expectations.  That coupled with my inexperience and we figured Cotton would get his once over from the judge and be promptly beaten by a more seasoned dog (and handler).

I was more nervous than I should have been when Cotton and I entered the ring.  Cotton, however, was as cool as a cucumber.  He was just eager for the macaroni noodles he had seen me shove in my pocket.  There were 4 or 5 other dogs in his class and we were 3rd or 4th in line.  As we waited for our turn to stack for the judge (show dog speak for stand pretty and still), I did my best to keep Cotton from sniffing absolutely EVERYTHING.  We did our stack.  We ran out and back and then around in a circle.  And I was very shocked when the judge moved us to the front (meaning we were in first place).

And I was totally shocked when they announced that Cotton was first in his class!

We stayed in the ring for best dog, but got beat.  According to the people who were watching, the handler for the dog that beat Cotton was a nationally known handler, so in reality we lost to the handler (damn my inexperience!).

Cotton didn't get any points, but it was really good experience.  And our breeders made sure we knew that it was a VERY big win for Cotton.

After watching the other dogs and handlers, I can see that we need to work with Cotton more.  There's an ease about how professional handlers work with the dogs and how the other dogs responded.  Cotton is just too excited at the moment.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that my competitive spirit came alive at the dog show.  I thought "I can handle Cotton as well as those handlers!"  I just need the practice.

For the record, Cotton has won 1st in his class for every show he has entered.  The other shows may have only had one or two dogs in his class, but whatever.  We take what we can get.

This is the weirdest post I have written in a while.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

One day I'll learn...

Holy moly house hunting is exhausting.  And emotional.  And stressful.

It was exciting at first.  So many options and things to think about.  What was important to us?  What could we live without?  And then anxiety-provoking.  Where do we want to live?  What do we feel we can afford?  Will we get a good price?

We went to 4 open houses on Sunday and by the time we got home, all three of us were totally spent. Henry was quite the champ.  In and out, in and out, in and out, in and out of the carseat.  He ate his lunch in the car.  We changed diapers in the car.  He took naps in the car.

Champion baby.

He's making us pay for it now.  Or he's teething.  His daycare teacher suggested he might be getting hand, foot, and mouth disease (oh please no).  No matter how you slice it, my sweet little baby has been currently replaced with a screaming hyena and I am not a big fan.  I know my sweet little Hank is still in there.

This happens every time.  I get all nervous because Henry gets really grumpy and then three days later, he ends up being sick and I feel like a total idiot for not recognizing it right away.  It's been 10 months (not 10 days) and he is a super happy baby, so obviously I am REALLY slow learner.

As exciting as I am sure it is to read about us being stressed looking at homes or with a sick baby, I will go ahead and stop.  I supposed I really could have heated things up and also mentioned that we filed our taxes (last minute, you say?) but we will try to keep things rated G.

Sunday evening, we went to Target to pick up some pillowcases for Henry's daycare pillow and some plastic Easter eggs for his Easter basket (I will really miss being able to buy gifts in front of him).

{Try not to look too closely at me.  This was the end of the day on Sunday}

We ran across the Bunny ears on the way in and couldn't resist.  He tolerated them quite well and had a death grip on the eggs.  Seriously, he carried them through the entire store and then pitched a fit when the checker went to scan them.  Somebody has a new favorite holiday!

Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Things Friday

1.  I apologize for the blog silence this week.  I was hit early this week with what I am about 95% sure was Norovirus.  At least that is was Dr. Google and my mother have both diagnosed me with and I have to say I really don't care what you call it, it sucked.  I am crossing all my fingers and toys that Phil and Henry do not contract the stomach virusthatshallnotbenamed because I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

It has, however, been an excellent diet (if you call gastrointestinal problems and having zero appetite a diet).  I magically lost 7 pounds this week.  I'm aware a good portion of this is from dehydration, but it is still crazy.

The side effect of dehydration has been another big concern since my milk-supply was already suffering.  I figured it would be the death of nursing, but we seem to be doing alright.  I don't know if my supply will fully recover.  We only have 8 weeks left to his first birthday and several freezer bags so hopefully we can make it.  If not, a little formula really doesn't bother me at this point.

2.  Phil and I decided recently to start getting more serious about house hunting.  After looking and looking and looking at houses online, I have decided that the process is... depressing.  I don't want to be house poor.  I don't want to buy too small or too big.  I don't want to buy in the wrong area.  We need a backyard.  Am I willing to compromise on anything?  I could care less about granite countertops or nice wood floors, so I really don't want to pay top dollar for those things.  Maybe it would be a better decision for us to just build one?

This isn't a short term decision and I'm nervous about making a rash decision because it's a good market and I am TIRED of living where we do (we have lived here since before we get married).

Currently, we are in the process of getting pre-qualified, which has been a little annoying as well.  I'm doing my best to stay positive about the whole thing and know that these are total first world problems.

3.  We got Henry a walker and he is now CRUISING.  He think it is hilarious to chase Cotton around with it.  And while some might think letting the baby chase the dog around is torture for the dog, I think it has only solidified Cotton's love for Henry.

4.  Speaking of Cotton... I'm not even sure how to start this one.  It really needs it own post.  As I have mentioned before, when we first got cotton, but breeders were extremely excited about him and his potential as a show dog.  They were even more excited when we said we would be willing to show him.  So now we have a show dog.  Well, show dogs must be trained and I am WAY too cheap to pay for a professional handler.  That means we get to train him.

We entered him in a few shows and did some light training before I found out I was pregnant.  He did 2 more shows at the beginning of my pregnancy (I think I was about 5 months pregnant at the last show we did) and then I just didn't like running around in the show ring anymore.  Plus, he still had his "puppy" body and really didn't stand a chance at winning for at least another year.

Cue a year later.  There is a dog show not that far from us that both breeders will be at and we decided to go ahead and jump back into showing.

In a very nice conversation with Phil, one of the breeders (very kindly) stated that my inexperience in handling could possibly hold Cotton back from winning (more or less).

I'm not offended.  Both breeders have like 20-30 years of experience showing dogs.  I have like 30 seconds worth of experience.  But the mom-guilt started to kick in.

I don't want to hold him back!!

I am nothing if not an excellent student, so I decided I would do some research.  And that when I found this:

Now... watching the video one might think it was filmed in the late 1980's.  It was not.  2012.  And I'm a little curious about the fact that this lady has a "show".  I also loved her enthusiastic smile.

5.  My baby isn't as much of a baby anymore... he no longer sleeps in a crib at daycare.  :(  They have officially moved him out of the crib and onto the big kid cot for his nap.  I thought I was doing pretty well with him getting so big and this year flying by, but this naptime development kicked in my nostalgia.  He'll be off to college before I know it!

{We still use the crib at home}

I have no idea why the two pictures in the post are different sizes, since they were both taken on iPhones.  One of life's great mysteries, I guess.

Wish us luck!  Cotton is in a show on Saturday.  Hopefully I won't be holding him back.  :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

5 Things Friday

Let's just drive right in, shall we?

1.  Because of Spring Break, Henry's daycare schedule is a little different.  I was so confused as to what day it was yesterday.  I could have sworn all day it was actually Friday (don't you just hate that?  Cruelest of jokes).  So if I actually manage to get to work on time today, it will be total evidence of mind over matter.  I'm pretty sure even Henry was confused.  He gave me a look as we pulled into daycare like, "Um... this isn't normal."  Glad to see we are raising a flexible human being.

2.  This last weekend, Henry was so grumpy that we were convinced he either had an ear infection or would be FINALLY getting a tooth.  We waited with baited breath and the pediatrician's phone number at the ready all weekend.  Sunday evening, after basically coming to terms with the fact that he most likely had an ear infection, I decided to feel his gums and he has a tooth!!!  He won't let us look in his mouth and it has barely popped through, but it is definitely there.  And I am hoping so hard that his biting phase has really truly passed.

3.  My mom and dad gave me some birthday gifts this last weekend.  One of the things I had asked for was the book Burial Rites, so I was very excited when I opened this:

Notice anything strange about the book, though?

My mom explained that somehow she accidentally ordered the LARGE PRINT version.

It looks like a children's chapter book.

Just thinking about it makes me laugh.

It's not a big deal.  If anything, it is going to make me feel like a super fast reader.  I like a little delusional confidence booster.

4.  Taylor officially photo-bombed.

5.  Phil is an absolute jack-pot of a husband.  Seriously... the guy is amazing.  One of the MANY attributes that make him so wonderful is that he pretty much lets me watch whatever I want on TV.  He draws the line at some reality television, but that's about it.  I try my hardest to let him watch what he wants to watch when it is something he really cares about.  It is kind of the least I can do.  Cue March Madness.  In an effort to even a little about college basketball, Phil and i filled out a bracket for my office pool.  We spent about an hour filling it out Wednesday night and what did I do?  Forgot to take it to work.

No big deal, I thought.  I filled it out in blue pen.  It's not like I really care enough to cheat anyway.  Do you think that was good enough for my coworkers?


They wanted Phil to text a picture of the bracket to the office.

Phil obliged.  But that wasn't good enough either.  They wanted me to print off the picture and use that as my bracket.


We ended up picked Florida and Arizona as our final 2, which is SUPER groundbreaking.  Obvious gamblers, right here.
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